UrbanPONICS gives growers expert insights from day one. Based on desired yields, flavour profiles, efficiency metrics, and more, UrbanPONICS prepares the ultimate crop schedule and farm settings (recipes) to ensure every grower meets their goals. Since UrbanPONICS learns by aggregating data from the global UrbanPONICS network, it gets smarter with the addition of every new farm and so does each individual grower. 

CROP SCHEDULING:              

UrbanPONICS makes crop scheduling intuitive by visualizing the entire process and guiding grower through each step with interactive modules. As growers plan their crops, UrbanPONICS automatically does all the necessary calculations and adapts farm modes to ensure the healthiest plants. 


PRE-SET RECIPES:                         

Recipes are the compete automation package. Growers can simply input the crop type they are growing and UrbanPONICS app takes care of the rest. As the farmer network grows, so will the number of recipes, enabling operators to program new crops, new flavors, new colors, better nutrition and more. 



UrbanPONICS connects individual grower to the entire UrbanPONICS community. With the app, farmers can share tips and tricks and compare yields, or speak directly with the Customer Service team to troubleshoot any components. Additionally, the UrbanPONICS Knowledge Base & Academy are available as great resources to refresh skills learned during training. 




UrbanPONICS has compiled a Welcome Kit that is available for all new growers. The Welcome Kit includes the necessary items every farmer needs to be successful: 

  • A 30month supply of nutrients, cleaning solutions, and growing media (peat moss grow plugs) 
  • An Operation kit including helpful items, such as a spray bottle, plant labels, apron and more. 
  • UrbanPONICS Parts kit with wicking strips, seedling trays, humidity domes and water filter. 

After the first three months, growers can easily re-supply with recurring subscriptions for their most used items, sourced through UrbanPONICS App Shop. 


Standing Aerated Nutrient Solution: 

This system is commonly known as DWC (deep water culture) system. Standing aerated nutrient solution is a hydroponic system in which the nutrient solution is static, suspending the plant roots in the nutrient solution. Replacement of nutrient solution is required every 5 to 10 days (frequency depends on the number of plants and system volume).

A crop like lettuce can be successfully grown in this system on Styrofoam sheets floating on an aerated nutrient solution.


Nutrient Film Technique (NFT):

Nutrient Film Technique, gully channels are used in this system to grow plants, the nutrient solution keeps flowing in these gully channels. A pump connected to the reservoir pumps the nutrient solution to the NFT channels.

One of the advantages of the NFT is the easy installation of the system and the relatively low cost of the materials.

Setting up your urban farm:

We have a team of professionals who will deliver hassle-free service to you. The setup cost of your Urban Farm will be affordable, as we believe in value for money and will make ensure to build your urban farm as you like it.

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