In today’s world, we have three options when it comes to obtaining our food. 


OPTION 3: Buy from commercial hydroponic grower. But the healthy food we grow gets polluted in transport before reaching to you. It loses its taste, nutrient value and also changes so many unhygienic hands.  



The core idea was to create a new home for plants (closer to you). It needed to be simple, clean, low-maintenance, and hydroponic (without the use of any soil or dirt). It should be simple enough for any urban grower with limited to zero knowledge gets an expert kick-start to grow their own food minus hassles of growing in conventional way. 

Combining the idea of hydroponics with artificial intelligence based technology to build a super growing experience for you, UrbanPONICS offers PERSONAL MICRO FARMS that can enable amateurs (but Green enthusiast) a sustainable and modern way to grow their own food in the urban environment using completely automated system. 

Our GrowStand works with seedlings — pre-sprouted plants that provide you with a 3-week headstart and increase growing success rates. Choose from varieties of  

non-GMO veggies, leafy greens, and herbs 

Pre-order for your seedlings  here 

UrbanPONICS Net Zero Energy  – Ready Hydroponic Farms (Patent Pending)  – allows Urban Farmers to grow exotic leafy Greens in the super-efficient, tech enabled GrowPODs that convert 400 square foot custom POD space into centers for the production of fresh food by utilizing the most cutting edge hydroponic, vertical farming, and controlled-environment technology !


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